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PREMAPRO is supplier of premium marine products that meet the high requirements of the Shipbuilding Industry.

PREMAPRO’s range of services provides quality products that are solutions to many business sectors.
Our experience and flexibility enable us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers.
PREMAPRO supplies the consumer market with products that are known for their outstanding characteristics.


The top engineering product supply specialist

PREMAPRO has earned its reputation as a supply specialist for top quality products that provide unique solutions to industry and retailers. PREMAPRO LLC is the exclusive importer of recognized brands like COELAN Boat Coating, NautiChem military grade WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive.

PREMAPRO aims to provide the highest quality coatings, adhesives and sealing compounds that are among the world’s mostly highly rated solutions for surfaces that are continually exposed to the elements. Our products yield a substantial cost savings to our clients, thanks to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor. PREMAPRO supplies ultra long-life boat paint and coatings, non-aging sealing compounds, strong and durable glues and adhesives, and high quality tools and equipment.


Exclusive North American Importer


COELAN Boat Coating
COELAN Yacht Paint Products are possibly the best wood coating and finishing products on the market. They will out-perform any high quality varnish and, once applied, will not require re-coating for many years. COELAN Boat Coating Products are extremely cost effective long-term solutions to many of your yacht sealing and coating requirements.


P-Bond Adhesive
P-BOND is a new type of 2-component adhesive  and is highly recommended where strong and durable elastic bonding is required. Unlike conventional adhesives, such as most epoxy and polyurethane based glues, P-Bond maintains its elasticity as well as its


WKT Sealant
WKT Sealing Compound is a highly elastic and extremely non-ageing sealing compound which was developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the caulking of wooden deck joints in the yacht and ship building industry. Because of its special characteristics, today WKT is being used in many other fields of application and industries.


COLEAN Boat Coating
COLEAN ranked World’s BEST Varnish by Classic Boat Magazin!
BLOXYGEN Preservative
BLOXYGEN is an award winning Caoting Preservative that allows for safe and convenient long term storing of leftover coating and paint in the original container.